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Getting To Know David Splane - Part 2 - Not Forcing Children, Is It Really Wise? (

Descripción: During a 2013 Zone Visit to Malmo, Sweden, Governing Body member David Splane gave some firm advice to Swedish parents on how to raise their children - even though he and his wife Linda have no children themselves. David believes that it is unwise for parents to NOT force their beliefs on their children by making them get baptized as Witnesses in their early teens. To support this conclusion, David drew from the story of Jonah (yes, the one who is swallowed by the fish) and an illustration about MacDonalds. To learn more objective information about David Splane and other members of the Governing Body, please read the following article on JWsurvey... If you would like to watch David's talk in its entirety, please visit the following channel from which this video footage was taken...

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