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Estudiantina: Philippine Folk Dance From Samar

Descripción: The most popular Abaknon (or Capuleño to "outsiders") dance is probably the "Dos Amigos" which is one big favorite among fiestas where its performance serves as a "pasakalyi" or intermissions between scenes in a local Abaknon "komidya". There are however, many folk and traditional dances from the small island: Mazurka Capuleña,Lavezares, Kuratsa (introduced by their Waray relatives) and the Estudiantina. The Abaknon Estudiantina is one of the three available versions of Philippine Estudiantina dances, popular in its broken Spanish name, "Estudiantina de Capuleño". The proper term should have been "La Estudiantina Capuleña". This dance is simply called Estudiantina in the other towns in Samar where it is also popular. The dance could have derived its name from "estudiantina" which is the all-string band that plays the dance music in the many 'baylihan' during the Spanish colonial period. The estudiantina is more popular as the 'rondalla'. It is also called 'tuna' and 'murga'. In fact, in the present day Spanish world, the term used is either tuna or estudiantina. This dance is usually performed during occasions like baptismal and birthday parties, weddings and even town fiesta. It is very popular in the town of Capul as well as in the nearby towns of Allen, Lavezares and Victoria in Northern Samar. A notation of this dance's music and the literature is found in the book VISAYAN FOLK DANCES volume 2 by Liberatd Fajardo.

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