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Martes, 02 de Setiembre del 2014

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Sophia Lucia/ Pretty Girl Rock

Descripción: Sophia Lucia is an amazing dancer! Sophie dances at San Diego Dance Centre and is nine years old. She recently broke the 2012 World Record for conscutive pirouettes in a row. The record was set at 32, Sophie was recognized for 47. Congrats! I especially enjoy the fact that SHE enjoys tap. When I searched for videos of her on YouTube, I couldn't find any montages. So, I made one. Star*Magically of course! Music: Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson No copyright infringement intended. All music belongs to their respective owner.

Duración: 4:15 Seg.

Publicado el: 27 DIC 11, 09:11 pm.

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CRÉDITOS (Fuente de Youtube): Star*Magic Productions