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Polymer Clay Tutorials - How To Make A Flower Cane

Descripción: ¤º°*°º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º° Please Subscribe, Rate & Comment °º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º°*°º feel free to share this video with friends !! Now we have made a simple polymer clay cane in a previous video, we are going to show you how to make a flower cane - use this cane for beads, buttons, decoration and much more - mix colours - change colours and invent your own flowers! - send us a picture of yours! Please feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve our videos, or any requests for tutorials. if you like what we do please also follow us at: you can email us or visit our website too! °º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º°*°º Thanks for Watching! °º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º°*°º

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