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Jueves, 18 de Setiembre del 2014

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The Liger - Lion Tiger Hybrid Bred In Captivity

Descripción: The Liger. The Liger is cross between a male lion and female tiger. It grows to around double the size of its parents and remains the largest cat in the world. Only produced in captivity, much controversy surrounds this animal. SUBSCRIBE for more animal stories: Photos: Lion: Robek Tiger: Moni Sertel Liger 1: Ali West Liger 2-5: Ed Quinn Liger 6: ??????? ????? Liger 7: Hkandy Liger 8: Maxitup16 Liger 9: Ali West Music: Brett Donnelly - Action Sting & Kevin MacLeod - Rite of Passage (

Duración: 1:32 Seg.

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