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Persian Kitten, Jitterbug, Climbing The Corral Walls - 10.06.11

Descripción: 4 week old calico Persian kitten is getting SO cute. They are kept in a corral until about 5 weeks old. She thinks she's ready to come out now. Mythicbells Persians ( -- presenting and shamelessly showing off the cutest and sweetest doll faced Persian cats and kittens in the known universe. You can expect a deluge of kitten videos when we have a litter of kittens in house in a hopeless attempt to catch each and every cute moment on video. I have cameras stationed all over the house *just in case!* Be sure and subscribe so you don't miss any of their antics (or mine as I attempt to keep up with them).

Duración: 1:53 Seg.

Publicado el: 06 OCT 11, 03:27 pm.

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