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Sábado, 23 de Agosto del 2014

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Muse - New Song 2013 (space Paranoia)

Descripción: Download this song and the entire new album for free: or visit the YouTube channel: Space Paranoia Lyrics: chorus: hold me,I drift away from you,the engine stops the light inside of your eyes, hold me,I drift away from home,one million lightyears til I see you cry.. verse: I think it´s time to go, system overload, you´re the reason why, lost without a name until we meet again, left behind, time is passing by, floating through the night, until we die, so far away from home, I watch the world explode, there´s no control..

Duración: 3:35 Seg.

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CRÉDITOS (Fuente de Youtube): metin joland