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Track 9 - Super Trouper (mamma Mia [français])

Descripción: 2011 French Cast (Recorded Live) *Si tu aimes cet album, SVP l'acheter (ou les chansons individuelles). Il ne coût pas cher et tu encourageras/aideras les artistes qui travaillent fortes pour créer cette musique. Merci. *If you like the albums that I post, please consider buying them (or individual songs from websites such as itunes or Amazon). They're not expensive and you'll be supporting those who make a living from creating such great music. I post these videos/recordings so that people can discover new music and support the creative team and artists if they enjoy them. Or in some cases, they want to hear a song or the album through its entirety before purchasing them. I do not post these songs so that people can listen to them over and over on YouTube and not pay to listen to them. If you like a song or album a lot, please consider buying them. Thanks.

Duración: 4: Seg.

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