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Jueves, 18 de Setiembre del 2014

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Ecological Bricks - Hydraulic Press Eco Brava

Descripción: Eco Brava the revolution Eco Brava is here to stay, since its launch two years ago were more than 1000 units sold, all with the pattern of industrialization and quality Eco Machines, surpassing the expectations of national and international critics. The facility and lightness in operation, mainly by hydraulic pressing leaves aside the physical effort in the existing manual machines. Eco Maquinas and Eco Brava provide a low cost investment with the best benefit of the market, making it possible for micro and small entrepreneurs start their production quality, producing up to 1600 units day 8 hours worked. Box mold treated and rectified ... set of high quality hydraulic cylinder as, command, pump, high pressure hoses, oil tank with level and temperature gauge, electric motor, drive and electric key electrostatic powder painting ... Its assembly is standardized in the process of manufactor .Produce modular bricks, channel and floors in various ecological models in Eco Brava. Only in Eco Maquinas you find the best price ... We are waiting for you ... Make multiply your income working for the environment and humanity ...Come into the sustainable world... Industry Máquinas

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