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Viernes, 19 de Setiembre del 2014

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Starmade: Ss Singularity Wip

Descripción: StarMade is an open-universe space simulation sandbox game inspired by Minecraft and created by Schema. Explore space generated in real time around you. Design your own ship, space station, weapons, harvesting elements, shields and docking stations. Save, import & export your designs as blueprints, then upload them to any multiplayer server. Gameplay is limited only by your imagination. Here is an imgur album of my WIP ship. If you're wondering what texture pack I am using, I am combining two texture packs for Starmade. The UI is from here: The block textures are from here: ~ Website; Twitter;!/_VidyaSauce Facebook; Google+ Stream, Steam Group,

Duración: 14:34 Seg.

Publicado el: 29 JUL 13, 09:21 am.

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CRÉDITOS (Fuente de Youtube): VidyaSauce