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Amtrak Train Crash (full Video Of Aftermath)

Descripción: Amtrak Wolverine train #351 wrecked February 1st, 2012 at Leoni, Michigan. The accident occurred around 8:20AM between Portage Road and Michigan Ave., when the train collided with the trailer of a low-boy flatbed truck. The truck driver had driven on to the grade crossing, but stopped to check and make sure his trailer didn't bottom out. He exited the cab of his truck to check, when suddenly, the railroad crossing gates started to close. The truck driver watched in horror as the train crushed the trailer, then crashed speedily into the ditch. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. However, six people were seriously injured. Thanks to the efforts of the engineer the train was slowed before impact, which is one of the main reasons no one was killed. He himself was VERY lucky to walk away alive. On another note, #128 was the same locomotive that hit a speeding car back in 2009 that tried beating the train. Amtrak officials aren't sure if they'll salvage #128, the Cafe, and the Horizon, or attempt restoring them. If you have an opinion regarding the truck driver, please post a comment! Thanks for watching! Copyright 2012

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