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Viernes, 19 de Setiembre del 2014

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Papa's Burgeria: To Go! - Intro + Day 1 & 2 (tutorial)

Descripción: This game resembles the original Burgeria rather than HD. Lobby customization, mini-games, lots of decors are gone. Oh, there's no parade in this game. However, it runs well in smaller devices! Still there are badges and unlockable ingredients. Customer orders are based on HD version. Also, jalapenos and fried eggs are added too! Temperature system for patties is deleted. Customers no longer spend idle time with decors. (No bubble gums, no dancing, and etc.) Scroll the bins to find the right ingredients. Then, tap the bottom of the screen to drop them.

Duración: 7:42 Seg.

Publicado el: 22 FEB 13, 10:08 pm.

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